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Unveiling Puss and Mew’s medals received for excellence in packaging.

04/07/2023 Oliver Woods

Unveiling Puss and Mew’s medals received for excellence in packaging.

GOLD MEDALS for EXCELLENCE IN PACKAGING awarded to Puss and Mew Distillery

After recently celebrating their 2nd birthday, Puss and Mew Distillery won a number of medals at the ADI International Spirits Competition, including SILVER MEDALS for BRANDING and SPIRIT EXCELLENCE as well as BRONZE MEDALS for SPIRIT EXCELLENCE. 


We are proud to say that we have been part of their packaging journey since its conception and launch.  Puss and Mew Distillery is now a globally award-winning Gin brand that is testament to the dedication and hard work of founders Deb and Brett, who also contribute significantly to their local community with charity work and projects.   


With packaging being of utmost importance to the brand from Melbourne,= Australia, it was the beautiful designs by Studio Von that began our journey working closely with Deb & Brett.  Originally coming to Read Labels and Packaging (now qlm label makers) for labels that would instantly do justice to Studio Von’s design and exude luxury on the shelf. 


The award-winning packaging comprises high-quality bottles adorned with highly specialised labels that allow the brand to achieve the transparent look for the bottle that they envisioned.


  • A branded matt black high GSM card stock label on the front of the bottle has rounded corners and a textured finish.  The embossed logo gives a high-end feel to the label frequently sought after for products in the wine industry and top-shelf spirits categories. 


  • The featured artwork on the product label at the back of Puss & Mew Gin labels creates the 3D look that brings the packaging design concept to life. This particular product label was carefully created by layering materials together to create a non-transparent label that shows the beautiful designs by Studio Von through the bottle, without exposing the product information label on the back of the high-quality bottle. 


Adorned with awards that recognise Brand Identity, Excellence in Packaging and of course taste and quality of their locally distilled Gins, the products themselves are easily recognised as premium quality on the shelf to customers prior to noticing the gleaming medals. However, we are thrilled to help share the announcement recently made that celebrates the magnificent collection of medals that now adorn the exceptional packaging of Puss & Mew Gin. 


The prestigious ADI International Spirits Competition, hosted by American Distilling and judged by discerning connoisseurs have in this year’s awards adorned Puss & Mew Distillery’s Gin with the following medals:


  • Three illustrious Gold Medals for Excellence In Packaging specifically recognising their Australian, Honey Coconut, and Navy Strength Gins. 


  • In a testament to their extraordinary brand identity, Puss & Mew Gin proudly took home five splendid Brand Excellence Silver Medals. This recognition was bestowed upon all their Gins, signifying the cohesive and captivating representation of the brand’s essence across their entire product range. 


  • Adding further to their resplendent medal haul, Puss & Mew Gin garnered three distinguished Silver Medals in Spirit Excellence for their Australian, Navy, and Signature Gins. These remarkable creations, meticulously distilled and artfully infused with the finest ingredients, have secured their rightful place among elite spirits in the industry.


  • Rounding out the grand achievements, Puss & Mew Gin was honoured with two esteemed Bronze Medals in Spirit Excellence for their Honey Coconut and Turkish Delight Gins. These captivating flavours, lovingly crafted with utmost precision, have captivated the senses and earned their spot as cherished offerings in Puss & Mew’s exceptional repertoire.


This remarkable triumph at the ADI International Spirits Competition serves as a resounding testament to the unwavering passion, meticulous craftsmanship, and commitment to excellence that define the Puss & Mew brand. Deb and Brett, along with their family, have spent countless hours devoted to perfecting every aspect of their brand and accompanying distillery venue, from the meticulous selection of ingredients to the unparalleled artistry reflected in their enhancing their packaging and distillery.


As a business that has rooted itself deep into the Gin Industry in Australia in such a small time, we are proud to be part of the Puss & Mew journey as a community-minded business and to recognise its exceptional dedication to the Gin industry.

Packaging and label design by Studio Von, printed by qlm group for Puss & Mew Distillery .