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Labels and Tags from QLM

Check out our labels by industry below. (brochure)
• Food labels • Tea & coffee labels & tags • Chemical, durable & industrial labels • Meat & Protein labels • Smallgood labels • Beverage labels • Sprit labels • Craft beer labels • Digital labels – HP Indigo • Blank labels • Pharmaceutical, healthcare, & cosmetic labels • Specialty labels 

We start by asking what do you want to achieve?. Our labelling expertise provides industry specific knowledge, guidance and innovations to ensure you get the latest and most effective labelling solutions. Our expertise in food, beverage and wine labelling, industrial and chemical labelling, pharmaceutical and healthcare labelling, provides you with an extensive range of printing options, materials, finishes and embellishments to keep your brand performing at its best.

Food & dairy labels

QLM have extensive experience in food & dairy labels with a wide range of high quality material options

Nowadays, consumer search for incredibly authentic and attractive designs in their decision making process. QLM provide recommendations for materials & trends to ensure your custom labels retain their appearance and achieve optimal performance.

Tea & Coffee labels & tags

QLM provide the ideal value-for-money with fast-turnaround option for those smaller runs for tea & coffee labels & tags.

Tea & Coffee industry has growned to include a range of innovative and creative suppliers. Consumers now look for incredibly authentic and appealing designs in their purchasing decision. QLM offer a wide range of tea & coffee label solution to meet any requirement

chemical, durable & industrial labels

QLM has specialist industry knowledge to ensure the right label solution to all chemical, durable & industrial products

Chemical, durable & industrial labels can be subject to exposure to harsh enviroment and comply with information and identification regulations. With specialist industry knowledge, QLM team will ensure the right labels to last the life of the product.


Meat & protein labels

QLM have extensive experience in meat & protein labels.

Though appearance is crucial, meat and protein labels quickly lose their appeal in the absence of useful information. When it came to safety and aesthetic requirements, QLM raised the label quality to a next level.

Smallgood labels

QLM provide wide range of smallgood labels.

The smallgood industry demands style, sophistication and innovation. Getting your premium product the recognition it deserves requires label expert care. Tell us your requirements and QLM team will offer the best smallgood label solution

Beverage labels

QLM have extensive experience in beverage labels

These days, when consumers are making decisions, they search for designs that are highly appealing and authentic. QLM offers suggestions for trends and materials to guarantee that your beverage labels work at their best attraction


Spirit labels

QLM provide wide range of spirit labels for varying requirements

The alcohol beverage industry demands style, sophistication and innovation. Getting your vintage the recognition it deserves requires specialist care. Tell us your requirements and QLM team will offer the best wine, beer, & spirit label solution

Craft beer labels

QLM have extensive experience craft beer labels.

Craft labels are often exposed to variations in temperature and humidity from bottling until the beverages are finally consumed. We recommend materials to ensure labels retain their appearance and achieve optimal performance.

Digital labels – HP Indigo

QLM offer digital label options with picture-quality & fast turnaround

In a world where customers demand highly crafted solutions, HP Indigo technology dares to imagine the possibilities with digital labels & packaging. QLM provide trade business with various fast-turnaround and quality-ensured label options.


blank labels

QLM stock a range of on-the-shelf & customised blank label and tag sizes to suit individual requirements.

Our expertise provides industry specific knowledge to ensure you get the most effective labelling solutions. QLM stock a range of popular blank label and tag sizes on-the-shelf for a quick turnaround or can be customised to suit all needs.

Pharma, healthcare & cosmetic labels

QLM have extensive knowledge to provide pharmaceutical, healthcare & cosmetic labelling solutions.

Appearance is everything but without substance your pharmaceutical & cosmetic labels quickly lose their appeal. QLM set the highest standards for technical and aesthetic requirements.

Specialty labels

QLM provide wide range of specialty labels for varying requirements

Specialty labels provide unique and customised solutions for different requirements. From bumper stickers to tickets & tags, QLM’s experience and innovative ideas will bring your labels alive. Tell us your requirements and QLM team will offer the best specialty label solution


Premium Label Solutions from QLM

QLM’s label and packaging team provide a comprehensive support network across Australia for all aspects of the labelling and packaging needs of your business. From account management and sales, graphic design, marketing ideas and superior manufacturing, right through to leading innovations and sustainable packaging options that provide you with ongoing support long after the labels and packaging are delivered.

  • ANY SIZE JOB or BUSINESS - print runs that suit you:
    QLM offers the flexibility to print jobs of any run size. We are flexible with MOQs and provide cost-effective options for multiple styles or SKUs, allowing for the shift to just in time printing.
  • FAST DELIVERY times:
    Most jobs can be ready for dispatch in as little as 10 working days. Orders can be placed to suit your delivery requirements and schedule and fast options are available when needed.
    QLM have a range of leading print technology and converting equipment to ensure you are provided with options and the right solution for what you are trying to achieve.
  • CARES values and dedicated teams:
    QLM are people with passion who care about your business. We are Australia’s leading innovative and service driven label manufacturer, working with you to deliver solutions for what you want to achieve.
    QLM manufacture from our 2 leading print hubs in Brisbane and Melbourne, with offices located throughout Australia. We manufacture throughout Asia-Pacific, providing options where required.

understanding labels

Bringing your labels to life is an exciting and rewarding time. Our industry specific knowledge will provide guidance on the range of options available.
Click on the tabs below to get an idea of the process we go through to ensure you get the right solution for what you want to achieve.

how to choose the right label solution?

Knowing the end use or application of your labels is essential. It impacts the choice of face stock, adhesive and liner as well as options for printing and finishing. Here are some of the questions you can expect and how it helps to give you the best possible solution.

finishes and embellishments

These are the ways we enhance the aesthetics of a label, but can also have a pragmatic purpose to improve the performance or life of the label. There are many options available to create stunning effects: special inks, varnishes, laminates, foils and embossing.

artwork specifications

We aim to make your quoting or proofing process as smooth and efficient as possible. When sending artwork or art files please note the image resolution (minimum 300dpi), file format, artproof details, and check proofs thoroughly before approving via email, postal mail or in person.


Label Innovations from QLM

QLM offer a wide range of label innovations. With our industry specific knowledge, we will provide the suitable label innovations to your business.
Check out our full range or click on the tabs below to explore what is the best for your business.

security labels

Security labels are a broad term that encompass a range of technologies, stocks and techniques to achieve different outcomes. Our security seal stickers include security cuts on the face stock to prevent tampering, tamper seals (or tamper proof labels), void stock, RFID enabled devices, customised QR codes for stock identification and holographic foil options to avoid counterfeiting of products.

smart labels

Regular product labelling no longer ensures consumer confidence. Consumers and brand owners want genuine products. QLM Label Makers in partnership with Trust Print are licensed to print and distribute: Trust Codes ®. Trust Codes ® help brand owners prove the authenticity and safety of their products while engaging with consumers, wherever they are.

promotion labels

In sales, every label is a promo label, however true marketing campaigns will often use the power of promotional or display labels to captivate an audience through eye-catching designs and offers specifically labelled to highlight difference. QLM Label Makers have a range of cost-effective and creative ways to help you achieve success with your marketing campaigns.