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folded cartons from qlm label makers

With innovative ideas and skilful designs, folded cartons can offer a range of additional benefits
including amazing shelf appeal, extra brand exposure and convey important product information
Find out more about QLM’s exciting folded carton packaging options below.

chemical & industrial packaging

Packaging for chemical and industrial products has moved from boring and functional to creative and engaging. QLM Group leads the way with innovative print & packaging options.

food & beverage packaging

Food and beverage packaging has morphed from functional to fabulous. Combining information, values and shelf-appeal is no easy task. QLM have extensive experience in food, beverage and wine packaging. Industry experience and innovative ideas to bring your packaging alive.

digital packaging

The power of HP Indigo Digital Printing creates folded cartons that are truly customised and suited to your production run requirements. QLM Group is one of the pioneers in digital print technology, providing your business with a prompt and easy way to manufacture custom printed packaging.


personalised & customised packaging

Personalised and customised ‘experiences’ are now an essential part of building strong brand identity and maintaining a competitive advantage. Through the WOW of HP Indigo digital print you are able to create truly beautiful, bespoke packaging and print for your brands or cutomers. Check with our QLM team to find a great way to foster longer term brand loyalty.

pharmaceutical & cosmetic packaging

Combine the challenge of aesthetics with the demands of quality, pharmaceutical packaging from QLM meet industry requirements of quality and security.

specialty packaging

Create Specialty packaging for those unique events and moments of engagement. From Christmas to Calendar Events, create packaging that really wows.


folded cartons from qlm label makers

QLM’s packaging team provide a comprehensive support network across Australia for all aspects of the packaging needs of your business. From account management and sales, graphic design, marketing ideas and superior manufacturing, right through to leading innovations and sustainable packaging options that provide you with ongoing support long after the labels and packaging are delivered.

  • ANY SIZE JOB or BUSINESS - print runs that suit you:
    QLM offers the flexibility to print jobs of any run size. We are flexible with MOQs and provide cost-effective options for multiple styles or SKUs, allowing for the shift to just in time printing.
  • SUSTAINABLE materials:
    We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly packing material solutions to help brands take the next step forward as compostable and recyclable packaging innovators.
  • FAST DELIVERY times:
    Most jobs can be ready for dispatch in as little as 10 working days. Orders can be placed to suit your delivery requirements and schedule and fast options are available when needed.
    QLM have a range of leading print technology and converting equipment to ensure you are provided with options and the right solution for what you are trying to achieve.
  • CARES values and dedicated teams:
    QLM are people with passion who care about your business. We are Australia’s leading innovative and service driven label manufacturer, working with you to deliver solutions for what you want to achieve.
    QLM manufacture from our 2 leading print hubs in Brisbane and Melbourne, with offices located throughout Australia. We manufacture throughout Asia-Pacific, providing options where required.

understanding packaging

folded cartons have been the most popular packaging options throughout history and remain one of the most popular today. In the wake of eco-awareness, many businesses have chosen to opt for paper packaging to serve consumer demands in more sustainable solutions. Folded cartons are not only cost-effective and versatile but also serve as a great packaging alternative to plastic.

essentials of packaging

Here are some of the questions you can expect to be asked and how it helps us to give you the best possible solution:
Where is it going and what do you want to achieve?
How many colours can you print on the carton?
What finishes / looks are available?

carton types and templates

Carton types & template can differ in shape and folding.

finishes & embellishments

These are the ways we enhance the aesthetics of packaging, but can also have a pragmatic purpose to improve the unboxing experience. There are many options available to create stunning effects: special inks, varnishes, laminates, foils and embossing.


folded carton innovations

When it comes to packaging, design options are endless with various material choices, substrates and graphics. With our industry specific knowledge, QLM team will guide you from zero to wow: Click on the tabs below or contact us to get an idea of the process we go through to ensure you get the right solution for what you want to achieve.

wow is now

QLM’s WOW boxes are made using HP SmartStream MOSAIC and COLLAGE software to create thousands of unique designs. The process starts by choosing ‘seed images’ or patterns and then using the software to scale, rotate and position images and elements in their own unique configuration.

shelf talkers & shelf wobblers

Shelf Talkers and Shelf Wobblers are an ideal and cost-effective way to promote your products on the shelf at point-of-sale. They reach out and grab attention to boost your sales.

blister packs

QLM manufacture a range of packaging to encase blister pack pharmaceuticals, vet products and nutraceuticals. Pre-formed plastic moulds are placed into card casings with a heat sensitive varnish that contain on-pack instructions and branding as required by legislation or for consumer guidance.