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26/04/2020 Quoc Anh Bui

Blister Packs

packaging innovations

QLM manufacture a range of packaging to encase blister pack pharmaceuticals, vet products and nutraceuticals.  Pre-formed plastic moulds are placed into card casings with a heat sensitive varnish that contain on-pack instructions and branding as required by legislation or for consumer guidance. Instructions can include additional information about guidelines for consumption, product or ingredient warnings and also potential dangers on the enclosed contents.


Blister Packs offer an excellent opportunity to create brand recognition while also explore exciting and innovation designs.  QLM have the ability to print digitally to create variable data, customised designs and personalised information.


Blister Packs are popular as a cost-effective and safe way to distribute high value items in specific doses. They are easy to open, offer lots of space for branding and customisation, but are also most commonly kept by the consumer until all contents are completed. They become a little storage box of brand recognition while the consumer finishes the contents.


ASK US HOW: Blister Pack casings can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Find out how this cost-effective and secure way of providing your product may enhance your sales and brand recognition.

With the time saved – these will be the only blisters!