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centre seal bags

Centre Seal Bags (also known as fin seal bags or FFS form fill seal bags) are a industry standard for mass produced single portion products. Popular with everything from cookies to confectionary, protein bars to potato chips, centre seal bags are cost-effective, highly functional and also easily adaptable for form fill machinery. With our low MOQs you can emulate what the industry leaders are doing with stunning packaging (without the huge volumes and lead times)

why Choose QLM for centre seal bags (fin seal):

        • fast turnaround
        • low MOQs
        • sustainable materials
      • premium quality
      • NO plate charges
      • perfect for single serves & samples

Single serve portions provide convenience, safety and economical options for consumers and producers alike. Popular across a vast range of industries, they are suitable for many different product types. Custom printed using our HP Indigo digital printing press, you get stunning photo quality imagery on your product bags. Centre seal bags are available in a range of set widths (see list) with variable heights to suit your requirements. The minimum width is 60mm and the maximum width of our centre seal bags is 225mm. Heights can be varied to suit your requirements and with a minimum order of just 2000 pieces (which can be made up of multiple SKUs*) this is the way to get your products into retail or corporate spaces with a high level of professionalism and the ability to present multiple product variations. Centre seal bags (also known as pillow or fin-seal bags) are supplied printed and left open to insert the product (usually at the bottom) and then heat sealed. A fin seal (also known as a fold over seam) is where both interior edges of the film are sealed together and then the fin is folded over. This usually runs through the middle of the back of the packaging.

centre seal bags are used in many industries:

    • food and beverages (especially tea & coffee, snacks and cereals);
    • household goods (particularly single-use cleaning products);
    • cosmetics, health and personal care products;
    • marketing samples, market testing;
    • nutrition and supplement products;
    • pet care products;
    • sustainable materials.
    • single-serve products & product samples; and
    • pharmaceutical products.


MOQ from just 2000 pcs and order can be made up of multiple SKUs*  if same specs**

* max of 4 SKUs for 2k. Must be mechanically identical – size & materials

quality materials

Available in clear or metallised materials, approved for direct food contact – puncture & tear resistant.


Premium photo quality print with a choice of matt or gloss finish. Create metallic ‘foil’ or natural ‘Kraft’ looks with design.

range of sizes

Choose from a large range of standard widths with variable heights,  developed from industry standards to suit most applications.   *see list

tear notches

Easy open tear notches can be included at the top of centre seal bags.

product windows

Clear materials allow for transparent *gloss) or cloudy (matt) windows.

vapour barrier

Our centre seal bag materials inhibit moisture, oxygen and smells from escaping. Special one way valves are also available.

variable data

Our HP Indigo print engine provides options for variable barcodes, data and QR codes. You can also personalise names & data.

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