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26/06/2020 Quoc Anh Bui

Shelf Talkers & Shelf Wobblers

packaging innovations

Shelf Talkers and Shelf Wobblers are an ideal and cost-effective way to promote your products on the shelf at point-of-sale. They reach out and grab attention to boost your sales. Shelf talkers are known to increase customer attention by up to 40%. They are an integral part of store advertising and create effective displays via shelf advertising.

Shelf Talkers and Shelf Wobblers come in a wide variety of shapes & sizes. They include regular shelf  wobblers in circles, squares, rectangles & custom shapes, but there are also a range of  shelf talker hoops & shelf or fridge strips.

ASK US HOW: Our team have worked with many companies creating unique and innovative attention grabbing designs to bring your brand ALIVE.

Now that is something to talk about! (Note: no wobble jokes!)