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06/06/2023 marketing.manager@qlmgroup.com

flexible packaging to go NUTS about!

check out the Nutworks rebrand

see how flexible packaging is making a big impact !

Nutworks, located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, produce luxurious, creamy, premium quality macadamia nut products that you can buy whole (with the shell on so you can crack them open at home) or as roasted and flavoured sweet and savoury treats. Their link to Australia’s first Macadamia trees and the relationship of their farmers with native bees that pollinate the trees makes them truly special.


Nutworks recently launched their new range of premium flexible packaging and branding which includes resealable stand-up pouches With over 50 different SKUs, the full range of flexible packaging was made right here in Australia by QLM at our Melbourne qlm flexibles plant.


resealable stand up pouches


“Our packaging now accurately reflects the premium quality of Australian Macadamias that you know and love!”


Their redesign was crafted by Horse & Water and we all agree – this packaging is something to go nuts about ! If you are looking for healthy nuts, delicious snacks or a memorable gift, Nutworks products are available online, ready to be shipped locally and overseas!


resealable flexible packaging


If you are looking to make the change to flexible packaging contact us now to speak with our team



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