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21/03/2023 Oliver Woods

Stand up pouches

An all in one Flexible Packaging solution

Stand up pouches are a highly versatile flexible packaging solution that is able to stand on their own on shelves, giving your product a boutique look.


They offer amazing shelf appeal for flexible food packaging with digital printing allowing almost every surface of a stand up pouch to be branded your way through identifiable features that captures the attention of time-poor consumers. 


Available in a range of sizes, materials and finishes, stand up pouches offer flexibility to suit a range of different product types such as:

  • Tea and coffee;
  • Bakery goods;
  • Beauty products;
  • Organic goods;
  • Pet food;
  • Nutritional supplements & more.


Stand up pouches: an all in one Flexible Packaging solution


Bring your product to life with special effects and design elements that get you noticed on shelves. Small minimums and multiple SKUs are just some advantages of flexible packaging that can keep your brand agile in the market.


It is important to work closely with your product packaging designer to create unique and well branded custom flexible packaging that features elements your customer is looking for and can easily recognise. 


Some design features stand up pouches can include are transparent windows, metallic elements and crisp coloured graphics. Alongside this, digital printing offers you the opportunity to replicate popular custom flexible packaging trends such as a kraft paper look and metallic highlights to help you stand out from the crowd.


Convenience that has your customers coming back for more!


Stand up pouches offer flexibility in sizes to accommodate the smallest beauty products and tea samples all the way through to large volume of pet food and sports supplements. The options are truly endless with custom flexible packaging. 


The look and feel of your stand up pouch can be instantly enhanced with your branding to create flexible packaging that:

  • Can hold their own form, giving your product that premium touch;
  • Keeps your product fresher for longer with a resealable zip closure;
  • Serves as a great reminder of your brand every time your customer opens the pantry;
  • Adds convenience through easy tear notches;
  • Offers the opportunity to add a one way valve for coffee brands;


Stand up pouches offer customers the option to easily store your product within their packaging without the need to find storage containers. No more running to find scissors thanks to easy tear open notches and a resealable zip closure that keeps your product fresher for longer while serving as a great reminder of your brand every time your user opens their pantry.


With these benefits and added convenience, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t choose stand up pouches for your brand.


Flexibility that keeps your brand agile. 


It is more common than not for entrepreneurs to receive quotes for 10,000 units per SKU for custom flexible packaging. This alone can have them turn away from product ideas that could make an impact on the market. 


With MOQs as low as just 2,000 and multiple SKUs included in a print run, flexible packaging allows you to make an impact on the market no matter if you are just starting out or are looking to grow and scale. Multiple SKU printing offers your business the flexibility to restock popular products or add alternative products such as seasonal, limited edition products or even new flavours with fully branded packaging designed to make an impact from the start.


Contact us to get started with digitally printed stand up pouches today.