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01/09/2019 Quoc Anh Bui

Stay Straps

stay straps - designs to blow you away

Scott Mayers has spent many years working in the shoe and garment sector.

An active person with a young family and love of adventure, Scott has a number of product lines for his businesses: FACT Activewear and more recently: STAY STRAPS.

Scott worked with us to create packaging for his products to sell in retail outlets and via Amazon.

clever packaging redesign with the QLM marketing team has reduced packing times, produced higher quantity per carton and given greater flexibility for retail display options.

Scott uses thermal printers distributed by QLM to print barcode and carton labels on demand, when and where he needs them.

In addition to regular labels, quality printed fabric labels from QLM complete his entire print experience so he can get back to doing what he does best: being innovative.

Stay Strap 1Stay Strap 2Stay Strap 3
STAY STRAPS – the full print & packaging solution
  • clever products need smart & functional packaging
  • awesome re-design with the QLM Marketing team
  • thermal printer for barcode and carton labels
  • quality printed fabric labels for STAY-STRAPS
  • don’t let it blow away – Stay Straps available NOW!

find out more…

email iconemail:contact@staystrap.com
phone iconphone:760 473 6140
FB iconfacebook: StayStraps
web iconwebsite:staystrap.com