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17/06/2020 marketing.manager@qlmgroup.com

shrink sleeves

protect, promote and decorate

Shrink sleeve labels are one of the fastest growing options for labels and packaging. You can see them on all types of packaging from cans to bottles, jars and cartons, attracting consumer attention for products ranging from food, beverages, cosmetics, industrial, cleaning, FMCG and a vast array of promotional items.


Shrink labels are a film label printed on an oriented plastic sheet or tube, which, with the application of heat conforms (or shrinks) to the contour of the container.

There are 2 main types: shrink sleeve labels and the roll-fed wrap around label.


Shrink sleeve technology optimizes the printable label area with 360-degree graphics and the flexibility to be applied to virtually any shape or size container.


High quality HP Indigo digital printing presses provide photo quality images as well as the ability to include security features plus personalise and customise packaging for infinite variations. Shrink sleeves provide excellent scuff resistance, easily show evidence of tampering, and can be used for consumer-convenient multi-pack presentation.


shrink sleevesshrink sleevesshrink sleeves
protect, promote and decorate with shrink sleeves:
security features like micro-text, customisation & personalisation
high speed production for small and medium sized runs with multiple SKUs
• HP Indigo quality printing with CMYK + Opaque White inks
samples, special events and promotional items for marketing
• cover existing labelling to create a new look or bind multiple items together

shrink sleeves available now from QLM Label Makers.