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18/11/2019 Quoc Anh Bui

Healthy Sprout

a unique label idea sprouts up

Healthy Sprout Company (HSC) is an Australian owned & operated company committed to enhancing health, vitality and wellbeing by providing a valued healthy product: sprouts!

Utilising a unique technique customers say ‘looks and tastes better’ (and has a superior shelf-life), their team are constantly researching methods of sprouting seeds and how to supply them.

For their latest product: BROCCOLI SPROUTS, owner Adam Murphy was looking for a fun and innovative way to launch the product to market. Utilising HP Indigo Smartstream Software: COLLAGE effect, QLM’s marketing team created thousands of unique labels with fun ‘sprout characters’ and several other elements that change on each label.

HSC’s customers have come to expect Australian organically grown, quality sprouts! Now their labels, just like their sprouts, deliver something fresh every day!

healthy sprout 1healthy sprout 2healthy sprout 3
unique labels for a fresh new product
  • fun and fresh design to compliment new product
  • stunning use of colour and metallic stock
  • matt finish to give a ‘premium’ look
  • clever use of HP Indigo COLLAGE software
  • true collaboration for a stunning end result

find out more…

email iconemail:adam@hsco.com.au
phone iconphone:07 3207 7702
web iconwebsite:hsco.com.au