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01/03/2019 Quoc Anh Bui

Girl From North Country

art misfits wine: labels that are a work of art

Label design often blurs the lines between what is art and product. For artist Craig Buchanan, he celebrates this juxtaposition by creating a wine label on behalf of the Cilliers Family, specifically for the opening of his exhibition: AMERICA THREE.

Girl From the North Country embodies the themes of his exhibition, referencing the ‘Factory’ years in New York City and the social misfits of the time. Craig’s images are composed of “what may seem unrelated imagery, where the lines between painting and printmaking are blurred to give the viewer a feeling of uncovering moments that are somehow connected.”

Beautifully textured wine stock with stunning embellishments provide that quintessential link between the creation of art and design and the artisanal nature of quality wine. See label art in action below.

meet the artist – Saturday 23rd March 2019, 2 – 4pm

Girl From North Country 1Girl From North Country 3Girl From North Country 2
meet the artist – Saturday 23rd March 2019, 2 – 4pm
  • renowned artist, photographer and designer: Craig Buchanan
  • see how art and culture fuse together
  • exhibition dates: March 21st – April 11st, 2019

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about the wine

Girl from North Country is the first release from Western Australian wine producers Le Petit Cellier. The fruit was hand harvested during Bunuru season, from 70-year old dry grown Grenache vines in the Swan Valley. The fermentation commenced with wild yeast and with 30% whole bunches on the bottom of the fermenter. The wine was pressed over Tempranillo skins, aged in old French oak for 10 months and bottled unfined, unfiltered and with minimal sulphites. The resulting wine is a feminine style of Grenache from the Northernmost wine growing region of Western Australia; or in other words, a Girl from North Country.

Le Petit Cellier was founded by father and son Abraham and Alexander Cilliers. Originally spelled Cellier, the surname Cilliers can be traced back to the Loire Valley in France where our ancestors were masters of the wine cellars (Les Celliers). Arriving in Western Australia ten generations later, we have sought to reconnect with our heritage by creating Le Petit Cellier: ‘the little cellar’, or ‘the young cellar master’.