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ideas to help you sell more!

The final quarter of the year represents a huge opportunity for additional sales.
Not only are there a huge range of SALES and EVENTS (collectively known as the SEASONAL SALES) but there is also the CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR periods (including Lunar New Year), which provide for a range of extra gifting opportunities. 


Using season or ‘gifting’ labels & packaging can really give your products a competitive edge and present customers with ‘gift-ready’ ideas. Check out some of the fun and innovative ways you can use labels, packaging and flexibles to maximise your sales.


Below is just a sample of the fun and interesting things you can do to stimulate sales. With the challenges and delays in supply chain and delivery – now is the time to develop your creative ideas and get your orders in. DON’T DELAY – ORDER NOW. NEED INSPIRATION – ASK US FOR IDEAS.


LABELS: seasonal and SALES
You have 2 great options for seasonal and SALE labels:
1) design something specific for that sale or season, or
2) design something more generic that could apply across multiple campaigns
Christmas and holiday themes are always popular for use as limited editions or gifting. The use of Santa and other Christmas elements are especially fun when combined with beach themes and elements that reflect the type of Christmas we experience in the Southern hemisphere. Other designs combine patterns and colour blocking that is associated with the festive season, but don’t tie them exclusively to Christmas. Whatever you choose, remember to promote on social media, build in a little ‘exclusivity’ or specialness to the designs and have some fun.
Christmas design for packaging
Packaging for seasonal events and SALES
Packaging provides the opportunity to brand an item without changing the design of the included product(s). This is also a great way to group together products to make a ‘gift box’. Gift boxing tends to go in 2 directions: Luxury look or Fun & Festive. Some companies manage to combine elements of both to ensure that their customers feel like they are getting something special that they can gift to their loved ones. Using packaging for corporate gifting is also an excellent way to show your gratitude to staff, customers and suppliers and provide a range of different options. Adding personalisation is also possible with QLM by using our digital print technology to add names, logos or images. Be sure to ask us how your packaging could be something more than a stocking stuffer this year!
SLEEVES: seasonal and SALES
Christmas idea for pet meat sleeves
One of the easiest ways to cluster items, or simply add your design or message to an existing product is through sleeves. Sleeves can be added to individual products or groups of products using a label material or card material. They basically form a band that wraps around the product and can either cover or compliment the design or product underneath. The advantage of sleeves is their versatility with sizing and also the ability to remove them if they are not used during the period required. Adding specific messaging and logos along with personalisation can be a really affordable and fun way to connect products and gifts with your company.
Christmas designs for flexible packaging
Flexible packaging, including stand up pouches, sachets and bags provide you with flexible options in more ways than one. There is a reason they are the fastest growing segment for packaging. Their versatility and 3600 coverage means you can brand away on all areas of the package. Clever brands are creating seasonal or limited edition pouches as part of their sales campaigns. Other companies create a design that while applicable for a sale can also continue to be used afterwards. The ability to personalise and customise, and IDEAL for multiple SKUs and products. Be sure to check out the range of flexible packaging options made right here in Australia.
TAGS: seasonal and SALES
Christmas tags
Tags and gift tags have long been used as the easy alternative when you don’t want to use a full sleeve or bother with specific labels and packaging. Tags come in a wide variety of options including: traditional gift tags (stickers and card), hang tags that are strung to a product, neck tags that are designed to go on the neck of a bottle or container without needing string or extra material, and also general gift cards and postcards that you add to the packing material or unboxing experience. Tags have the flexibility of multiple styles and design options for when you need variety of aesthetics and messaging.
POP-UP LABELS: seasonal
Christmas pop up labels for SUPER SALES are COMING
They are what they say! Pop-up labels are designed to grab that extra bit of attention so that potential customers not only find your product but are enticed to buy it. Branding, imagery and messages vary a lot with pop-up labels. Some companies use them for fun, others promote discounts or specials, and others simply reiterate the benefits of their products. With a seasonal twist they can provide a great reminder to people as to why they should buy your products. The perfect shout-out to compliment your marketing and social media efforts.