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12/03/2020 Quoc Anh Bui


QLM supply chain coverage

In response to the Novel CoronaVirus COVID-19, QLM has reviewed and tested key operational processes to ensure a continued secure supply chain to our clients. As a result of this review we have implemented the following:

      • additional raw material stock levels held at QLM and supplier locations
      • expanded supply chain to include suppliers from USA, Europe and Asia
      • increased health management plans
      • risk mitigation strategies that include leveraging our multi-plant manufacturing network
      • priority systems for QLM clients to assist with new urgent projects


In accordance with recommended proactive health guidelines our sales team will limit physical contact where appropriate and use hand sanitizer before and after all meetings. Our teams have been trained on new health and safety initiatives including:

      • additional hand washing and use of hand sanitizer at work
      • temperature checks for factory entry
      • 2 hourly sanitizing of public spaces such as door handles, bathrooms, kitchens and public use areas
      • adherence to our ‘don’t feel ok – stay away’ policy


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ISO Certification and Risk Management Policy: Health

The QLM Label Makers Group operates in Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam. We are proudly accredited to International Standard ISO 9001: 2016 or ISO14000 Environmental Standard and maintain world class risk assessment and mitigation processes and policies.


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