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2022 Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year on February 1, 2022 welcomes The Year of the Tiger. 

Tigers are renowned for being brave, loyal and forceful, the ultimate symbol of power. Yet they are also often used as a deity for children who wear shoes or hats with tiger patterns for good luck. 


Those born in the Years of the Tiger are loyal, adventurous and ambitious, but can be judgemental due to their strong sense of justice. This can make them seem arrogant, unpredictable and impetuous at times. Whilst not known for being well prepared, in the face of adversity Tigers are natural leaders, not giving up easily and using their persistence and determination to be able to handle most challenges. Famous ‘Tigers’ include Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga.


Lucky colours for the Year of the Tiger in 2022 are blue, grey, white and orange (as featured in our designs) with the lucky numbers 1, 3 and 4. Lucky directions are south & east. 2022 is a ‘Water Tiger’ year which has the added characteristics of a strong sense of self-esteem and learning ability. Personality traits that may come in handy this year.


Lucky colours: blue, grey, white and orange
Lucky numbers: 1, 3 and 4.
Lucky directions are south & east.


Each of the elements created for Lunar New Year have a special meaning or purpose. 


Lucky Money Envelopes
The 5 designs of our lucky money envelopes represent the 5 living species of Tigers that exist in the world (there are also 2 sub-species). Each envelope unfolds to create a tiger mask that can be worn during Tet celebrations. The wearing of a tiger pattern is considered to bring good luck for the coming year – so be sure to wear these if you are young or ‘young at heart’. 
The Happy Tiger Tote Bag
The tote bag design chosen, supplied by Very Ngon, represents a happy tiger with a particular meaning. In Vietnamese culture, the happy tiger can be used metaphorically to represent a kind and fierce hearted person. Some cultures associate ‘smiling tigers’ with ‘outwardly kind but inwardly cruel people’, but at such a difficult time we wanted to have a happy tiger rather than an angry one.
Jungle Label
The jungle inspired design for our mugs highlight the lucky colours of Year of the Tiger in 2022: blue, grey, white and orange. We also added some purple hues of Pantone Color of the Year: Very Peri to the flowers. This is one jungle you will be happy to be lost in.
Tiger Candy Box
Our colourful and fun candy boxes again represent the 5 tiger species, bursting through the QLM symbol filled with love, joy and gifts. The design highlights Pantone Colour of the Year colour palettes to bring some added colour and joy as you enjoy some treats this Lunar New Year.
Spirit of the Tiger – Gin Label
Our Spirit of the Tiger label utilises embossing only to represent the White Tiger: a symbol of rarity, beauty and power. ‘Tet’ is often celebrated with wine or spirits. This year we teamed our label with the locally produced Lady Trieu Gin to represent the incredible flavour, culture and spirit of Vietnam. The White Tiger is said to only appear when there is peace throughout the world, so we hope this helps lift everyone’s spirits this year and bring peace to you and your family.
Tet Wishing Scroll
Our Tet Wishing Scroll message states “Harmony will give you more prosperity – The New Year will give you more happiness”. There are 3 misty flowers in the middle  to represent the 3 species of tiger that have become extinct. In addition to the good wishes for the year, we also wish to stop the loss of our beautiful species in nature.