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03/04/2023 Oliver Woods


QLM widens its grip on the Australian-made flexible packaging industry

Bringing the WOW factor to Melbourne, QLM flexibles widens its grip on the Australian-made flexible packaging industry.


Over 20 years after becoming the first in Australia to move to entirely digitally printed packaging Melbourne packaging manufacturer Read Labels and Packaging had proven its ability to move with the market many times over.  


Leading innovation paired with an exceptional reputation for high-level quality and support to brands looking for premium food packaging meant that when QLM group were looking to expand their grip on the Australian made flexible packaging market, it made sense to speak to Ross Read, Director of Read Labels and Packaging.  


A well-known expert in the flexible packaging space Ross was keen to partner with a packaging group that could mirror his own values in business and allow RLP to continue to innovate in the food packaging market while continually providing the level of customer service and fast delivery that has always been synonymous with the business. 


With an extensive list of brands from across the country trusting RLP with their flexible packaging, stand up pouch and labelling needs the partnership between QLM and RLP ensured our expansion in the flexible packaging market would be a great asset to Australian businesses, allowing them to work with a team they have come to know and trust while enjoying access to the expanding list of products available by working with qlm flexibles, part of Australian Owned QLM group. 


Ross Read, Director of Melbourne’s Read Labels and Packaging welcomed the move to join the newly formed sector of QLM Label Makers – qlm flexibles alongside family-owned Sydney packaging team Luminar. Together forming qlm flexibles, the team have been delivering a high level of service and innovation to Australian brands since late 2022.


You will find qlm flexible manufacturing locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and enjoy the support of our nationwide packaging specialist team located nationwide. Contact us now to discuss your end-to-end product packaging needs.