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01/02/2019 Wendy Dong

Pukara Estate

‘Mosaic’ takes designs to infinity

When Pukara Estate looked to produce an artisanal label design for their Connoisseur Club Members, they wanted something that stayed true to their company values and design aesthetic, but was truly unique.

Creating unlimited design variations on any scale is possible with HP Indigo SmartStream Designer plugin HP Mosaic. The process starts with the selection of a “seed” image. The technology then scales, transposes and rotates sections of this image to generate each unique label. There is a distinct “art” to this process that requires testing and experimentation and the results are remarkable.

Steve Goodchild from Pukara Estate confirmed ‘The response has been overwhelming. From our production staff to our tasting rooms and social media platforms. The labels are certainly catching people’s attention and converting into additional sales.’

Pukara estatePukara estatePukara estate
how HP ‘Mosaic’ takes designs to infinity:
  • special software produces customised designs
  • every label is completely unique – no 2 are the same
  • customisation, personalisation and random images
  • create distinct and engaging experiences for customers
  • pair with new stock for product trials & test marketing

find out more…

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phone iconphone:+61 2 6547 1055
FB iconfacebook:facebook.com/pukaraestate
web iconwebsite:pukaraestate.com.au