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what qlm label makers do


QLM manufacture world class labels & tags for a wide range of industry sectors.

Our labelling expertise provides industry specific knowledge, guidance and innovations to ensure you get the latest and most effective labelling solutions. Our expertise in food, beverage and wine labelling, industrial and chemical labelling, pharmaceutical and healthcare labelling, provides you with an extensive range of printing options, materials, finishes and embellishments to keep your brand performing at its best.

flexible packaging

QLM manufacture a range of flexible packaging for a broad range of applications.

From Stand-Up Pouches, Sachets and Three-Side Seal Bags to coffee bags, rewind, printed-roll stock and flow-wrap. Our Australian flexible packaging manufacturing provides you with a range of options and run sizes to ensure your flexible packaging is current and available when you need it. LOW MOQs and stunning print quality are available for companies of all sizes to ensure your packaging really wows.

folded cartons and sleeves

QLM make beautiful folded cartons and sleeves for a wide range of industry sectors.

If you are looking for soft-folded cartons or product sleeves for your products, QLM manufacture a range of options and can custom design in any shape or layout you require. Folded cartons and sleeves are popular for food and beverages, industrial and retail, cosmetics and healthcare, as well a range of promotional and point of sale options. With lots of materials and finishes to choose from to really stand out.


thermal and barcode printers

QLM are key distributors for leading brands of thermal and barcode printers.

Thermal and Barcode printers are an essential part of inventory management and dispatch labelling. QLM sell and service the leading brands of thermal printers: TOSHIBA, Zebra and TSC. Our in-house service technicians provide expertise for installation, maintenance & service, software and a full range of labels, ribbons and consumables to ensure your print equipment productivity is up and waste down.

colour label printers

QLM – LPS sell and service leading brands of colour printers.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of printing your own labels with a colour label printer. QLM sell and service (via our subsidiary Label Print Systems) the leading brands of colour label printers and finishing systems: Epson, OKI, VIP Color, ADSI, Trojan Label, Quick Label and Colordyne. Our in-house service technicians provide expertise for installation, maintenance & service, software and a full range of labels and consumables.

design and marketing services

QLM Label Makers provide in-house design and marketing services for labels & packaging.

If you know what you want to achieve, but don’t know how to do it, our marketing and design team can provide a range of innovative and creative ways to bring your labels and branding alive. Winners of multiple international awards for design, creativity and print, they provide a pragmatic yet exciting range of options to get your brand and products more shelf appeal and marketing WOW. Find out more here.



QLM are people with passion who care about your business.
We are Australia’s leading innovative & service driven label manufacturer.
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"Our business approach is to CARE
we work with you to deliver solutions
for what you want to achieve!"

Andrew Siwicki - General Manager

why partner with qlm label makers

QLM’s label and packaging team provide a comprehensive support network across Australia for all aspects of the labelling and packaging needs of your business. From account management and sales, graphic design, marketing ideas and superior manufacturing, right through to leading innovations and sustainable packaging options that provide you with ongoing support long after the labels and packaging are delivered.

  • ANY SIZE JOB or BUSINESS - print runs that suit you:
    QLM offers the flexibility to print jobs of any run size. We are flexible with MOQs and provide cost-effective options for multiple styles or SKUs, allowing for the shift to just in time printing.
  • FAST DELIVERY times:
    Most jobs can be ready for dispatch in as little as 10 working days. Orders can be placed to suit your delivery requirements and schedule and fast options are available when needed.
    QLM have a range of leading print technology and converting equipment to ensure you are provided with options and the right solution for what you are trying to achieve.
  • CARES values and dedicated teams:
    QLM are people with passion who care about your business. We are Australia’s leading innovative and service driven label manufacturer, working with you to deliver solutions for what you want to achieve.
    QLM manufacture from our 2 leading print hubs in Brisbane and Melbourne, with offices located throughout Australia. We manufacture throughout Asia-Pacific, providing options where required.


We work with local heroes and multinational companies
to help them bring their BRANDS ALIVE.
See what they have to say about working with QLM…


what’s hot in LABELS and packaging

18 Jan 2024

2024’s HOTTEST TRENDS for labels & packaging

What can we expect to see in 2024? What colours, shapes & symbols, design aesthetics and global technology will be used and how can you incorporate them into your branding strategy? QLM’s marketing team have compiled and condensed hundreds of options down to the top 5 that are most likely to influence customers and generate sales in 2024.   The world of labels, packaging and design is entering into a period of re-stabilisation in 2024. 2023 continued to experience lagging economic and supply chain effects from not only COVID but also a range of other global factors that put pressure on costs and service delivery. This year will see brands balance optimism with energy to grow their brands and build loyalty. Check out our predictions for what will be the HOTTEST TRENDS in 2024 and let us know your thoughts:   PASTEL BUZZ Peach Fuzz is the New BUZZ! Source: Pantone Source: The Dieline Source: The Dieline Source: The Dieline With the Pantone Color Institute naming the Color of the Year 2024 as PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz, this pastel orangey-peach colour is described as a ‘cozy and comforting hue, that captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It is all about re-establishing a sense of caring, sharing and collaboration’. Pastels have been super popular in various iterations in recent years, including Bright Pastels and in physical and digital combinations that create stunning visual contrast.   Soft pastels in blue, pink and green are being used with soft gradients and background colours that transition from light to dark to add depth and complexity. Given the hugely successful song by Taylor Swift that is currently touring the world -

04 Jul 2023

Unveiling Puss and Mew’s medals received for excellence in packaging.

After recently celebrating their 2nd birthday, Puss and Mew Distillery won a number of medals at the ADI International Spirits Competition, including SILVER MEDALS for BRANDING and SPIRIT EXCELLENCE as well as BRONZE MEDALS for SPIRIT EXCELLENCE.    We are proud to say that we have been part of their packaging journey since its conception and launch.  Puss and Mew Distillery is now a globally award-winning Gin brand that is testament to the dedication and hard work of founders Deb and Brett, who also contribute significantly to their local community with charity work and projects.      With packaging being of utmost importance to the brand from Melbourne,= Australia, it was the beautiful designs by Studio Von that began our journey working closely with Deb & Brett.  Originally coming to Read Labels and Packaging (now qlm label makers) for labels that would instantly do justice to Studio Von’s design and exude luxury on the shelf.    The award-winning packaging comprises high-quality bottles adorned with highly specialised labels that allow the brand to achieve the transparent look for the bottle that they envisioned.   A branded matt black high GSM card stock label on the front of the bottle has rounded corners and a textured finish.  The embossed logo gives a high-end feel to the label frequently sought after for products in the wine industry and top-shelf spirits categories.    The featured artwork on the product label at the back of Puss & Mew Gin labels creates the 3D look that brings the packaging design concept to life. This particular product label was carefully created by layering materials together to create a non-transparent label that shows the beautiful designs by Studio Von through the bottle, without exposing the product information label on the back of the high-quality bottle.    Adorned with awards that recognise Brand Identity, Excellence in Packaging and of course taste and quality of their locally distilled Gins, the products themselves are easily recognised as premium quality on the shelf to customers prior to noticing the gleaming medals. However, we are thrilled to help share the announcement recently made that celebrates the magnificent collection of medals that now adorn the exceptional packaging of Puss & Mew Gin.    The prestigious ADI International Spirits Competition, hosted by American Distilling and judged by discerning connoisseurs have in this year's awards adorned Puss & Mew Distillery’s Gin with the following medals:   Three illustrious Gold Medals for Excellence In Packaging specifically recognising their Australian, Honey Coconut, and Navy Strength Gins.    In a testament to their extraordinary brand identity, Puss & Mew Gin proudly took home five splendid Brand Excellence Silver Medals. This recognition was bestowed upon all their Gins, signifying the cohesive and captivating representation of the brand's essence across their entire product range.    Adding further to their resplendent medal haul, Puss & Mew Gin garnered three distinguished Silver Medals in Spirit Excellence for their Australian, Navy, and Signature Gins. These remarkable creations, meticulously distilled and artfully infused with the finest…

02 Jul 2023

Milkman Grooming Co: Labels & Packaging Case Study

As part of qlm group, Read Labels and Packaging has been helping Milkman Grooming Co build their brand with premium product labels and packaging for almost a decade!   Milkman Grooming Co has been delivering luxurious men's grooming products for almost a decade with the support of Read Labels and Packaging (RLP).    From the very first call to Ross at RLP, Jackee and Ben of Milkman Grooming Co knew they had connected with the right person for the kind of support and advice their family-owned business needed to produce product packaging that screamed quality product.   The support they receive with a support team that takes their call whenever they need a little extra info, or help is the reason they have stuck with Ross for almost ten years for product packaging and labels.   “It made all the difference when we started out, and the support still comes in handy as we introduce new products!” Jackee, Milkman Grooming Co.   Being able to call their packaging partner and clarify just what product label materials will work for each specific product type enables the brand to move forward quickly and confidently when launching a new product.   The boutique family-owned business has been succeeding with premium packaging that includes 3SS and product labels due to careful product planning and design. Ben and Jackee are currently working on a new product launch that requires a special touch, so they have paired again with Ross to create a new product label for a premium product under the brand.   The new Milkman Grooming Co label for this particular product will include a HiBuild spot varnish, giving a raised texture to the elements it's applied to. Having restraint in the label design to exude luxury when the product is on the shelf was a key consideration for Jackee and Ben, something they learnt from years of working closely with their preferred packaging partner.   Digital print labels are a great option for Australian brands like Milkman Grooming Co due to the smaller minimum orders and multi-SKU print runs that are available. They allow brands the freedom to trial new products in the market prior to making larger investments in products.    Additionally, digital printing allows the brand to print specialised luxury labels without the need for high set-up costs, saving time and money. The limitations to design for digitally printed product labels and flexible packaging are minimal, meaning your brand can stay true to itself across every product type.   As Read Labels and Packaging is now part of the qlm group, our clients are now enjoying the same high-level customer service with the addition of being able to rely on the qlm group for all their packaging needs, including flexible packaging, product labels, and carton packaging.  With nationwide support, it is now even easier to source Australian-made packaging and labels. Contact us to learn more.  



Exceptional designs gain attention and sell product!
Our AWARD WINNING Marketing and Design team combine a pragmatic approach with innovative ideas.
In-depth knowledge of print processes ensure your look is not compromised.
Browse our award winning designs and design refreshes…

22 Mar 2022

FPLMA Awards 2020-21 Winner

QLM Label Makers is the proud recipient of 2 Print Awards at the recently announced Flexible Packaging & Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) Awards 2020-21. Entries were printed on our Award Winning Mark Andy Inc. flexographic presses - located in Brisbane, QLD. The award winning labels include a Gold Medal in the category: Labels - Flexo Line & Process and a Silver Medal in the category: Labels - Flexo Colour Process.   The FPLMA Awards (Flexible Packaging & Label Manufacturers Association) represent a centre of excellence for the packaging industry. They show what can be achieved by dedicated and passionate people that take pride in the work they do, striving to achieve the highest quality print using a wide range of technology. There were 45 entries in the Flexographic category, while Label processes accounted for 75 entries but only 16 gold, 20 silver, two Innovation and two Best were presented for their respective categories.   Award Winning Print & Design from QLM Label Makers: Kialla Pure Waffle Mix  design: Black Canvas  for Kialla Pure Foods printed by: QLM Label Makers - Brisbane competition: Flexible Packaging & Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) Awards 2020-21 awards: Gold - Labels: Flexo Line & Process Havoline design by: Houston Group supplied for Caltex (Ampol) printed by: QLM Label Makers - Brisbane competition: FPLMA Awards 2020-21 awards: Silver - Labels: Flexo Colour Process CLICK HERE to view all the winners

HP Inkspiration Awards 2021
HP Inkspiration Awards 2021
07 Dec 2021

QLM Label Makers wins big at HP Inkspiration Awards 2021

QLM Label Makers wins 5 Awards for Award Winning Label Printing & Design. The QLM Label Makers Group  won a total of 5 Awards including 2 Grand Prize Winners for Labels - Wine & Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Food Packaging.  Winning entries are rewarded for showcasing the most inspiring work and uplifting brands in the region through innovative, expressive and meaningful experiences. Check out QLM's winning entries below.   HP Inkspiration Awards 2021, previously known as the HP Digital Print Excellence Awards - Asia Pacific and Japan, were founded by HP Graphics Solutions Business to recognize outstanding achievements and innovations in the printing industries across Asia Pacific and Japan.   Highly qualified leaders from the graphics arts industry judge the entries based on: overall aesthetics, impact/marketing effectiveness, shelf appeal, fit for purpose - design suitability, uniqueness & innovation and best use of media or substrate. Grand Prize Winning Print & Design - HP Inkspiration Awards 2021:   Thanh Ha Fish Sauce - Tet Special Edition design by: Tonbui, Hangtran, Khoa Nguyen for Thanh Ha printed by: QLM Vietnam - Hoang Ha Label Co. competition: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 awards: GRAND WINNER: Food Packaging WINNER: Food Packaging Atypical Cold Brew Coffee design by: Behalf Studio for Atypical printed by: QLM Vietnam - Hoang Ha Label Co. using HP Indigo Smartstream Software - COLLAGE competition: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 awards: GRAND WINNER: Wine & Non-Alcoholic Beverage Labels WINNER: Wine & Non-Alcoholic Beverage Labels Award Winning Print & Design - HP Inkspiration Awards 2021:   Drop of Love Luxury Hand Sanitiser design by: Client Supplied - Jillian Switzerland printed by: QLM Vietnam - Hoang Ha Label Co. competition: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 awards: WINNER: Health & Beauty Labels Merrin Munroe Digital - Hand Sanitiser Labels design by: QLM Marketing & Merrin Munroe Digital printed by: QLM Vietnam - Hoang Ha Label Co. competition: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 awards: SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Specialty Print Supporting This Unprecedented Time Burleigh Drinks Co. Natural Sodas design by: Client supplied - Burleigh Drinks Co. printed by: QLM Label Makers Australia  competition: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 awards: SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Wine & Non-alcoholic Labels  

Asian Print Awards 2020
Asian Print Awards 2020
23 Jul 2021

Asian Print Awards 2021

QLM Label Makers Group win 5 Awards at Asian Print Awards 2021 The QLM Label Makers Group, including QLM Labels Makers Australia,  QLM Label Makers Vietnam - Hoang Ha Label Co. Ltd, QLM Label Makers Cambodia and QLM Label Makers Malaysia, are the proud recipient of 5 Print Awards at the 2021 Asian Print Awards, announced in Bangkok.   The Asian Print Awards recognise and honor Asia’s best print and packaging industries across Asia. An independent jury of highly qualified industry experts within Asia and around the world examine each submission within pre-established criteria and on the basis of quality and execution.   Award Winning Print & Design from QLM Label Makers:   Thanh Ha Fish Sauce   design by: Tonbui, Hangtran, Khoa Nguyen for Thanh Ha   printed by: QLM Vietnam – Hoang Ha Label Co.   competition: Asian Print Awards 2021   awards: Gold Medal – Digital Labels           Gerber Cereal Snack   design by: Client supplied - Gerber   printed by: QLM Vietnam – Hoang Ha Label Co.   competition: Asian Print Awards 2021   awards: Silver Medal – Innovation & Specialty Labels           Elephant Bar Gin   design by: The Champey Academy of Arts, Phnom Penh for Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh     printed by: QLM Label Makers Cambodia   competition: Asian Print Awards 2021   awards: Silver Medal – Digital Labels           Sampan Rhum   design by: Maison Linea Designers for Distillery Indochine    printed by: QLM Vietnam – Hoang Ha Label Co.   competition: Asian Print Awards 2021   awards: Bronze Medal – Offset Packaging           Organique Whitening Eye Cream   design by: Client supplied - Organique   printed by: Hoang Ha Label Co. – QLM Vietnam   competition: Asian Print Awards 2021   awards: Bronze Medal – Digital Packaging         The judging committee for the Asian Print Awards 2021 held to the most exacting standards. The number of entries received for this year’s competition has increased, with over 2000 jobs submitted from every Asian Country. As stated by the Chairman of the Committee Paul Callaghan: "I would like to congratulate each and every winner. As I always say you have proven beyond any doubt that you are a quality printer, and that is something to be proud about." CLICK HERE to view all the winners #labelsalive #qlmlabelmakers #APA2021 #awardwinninglabels #asianprintawards