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26/04/2020 Quoc Anh Bui

Folding & Measuring

understanding packaging

Folding and measuring of cartons is important in determining the requirements for finished product assembly and storage. These factors impact on whether the cartons can be glued and folded via machine or will require hand gluing (and subsequently impacts on the cost).

For the folding and gluing component, we will need to determine:

      • Is the carton glued (or not)?
      • Is the bottom folded flat or a lock-bottom (crush bottom)?
      • Does the package need to come flat or assembled?


Measuring a box or carton is important to ensure the product fits securely. The following guidelines will help you correctly read and write measurements for product packaging:

      • There are 3 dimensions to a basic carton: length (L)width (W), and depth (D) which should be written in order (L x W x D).
      • Always take the inside dimensions to get more accurate measurements.
      • Leave the box upright with the flaps facing upward before measuring.
      • Always measure from one “score” (crease) to the other.
      • When in doubt, measure the total width and length of the packaging, or forward the artwork or concept (or an actual sample of your packaging) to one of our Sales Executives to ensure we quote correctly.