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23/09/2019 Wendy Dong

Mooncake Festival

sleeves are an exciting addition to the boxes

The Mooncake Festival was traditionally a time to enjoy the successful harvesting of rice and wheat by making food offerings in honor of the moon. In Chinese culture, the round shape of the moon is a symbol of completeness and reunion.


element mooncake

Our sleeves are an exciting addition to the mooncake boxes. Utilising HP Indigo technology they highlight the ability to combine bold shades of pastel & white with striking black symbology to give a multi-layered effect to the packaging.

element mooncake

Each mooncake box represents one of the stages of the moon – look inside and see the clasp to discover which one it is.

element mooncake

QLM’s Mooncake boxes represent the shimmering silver of rice and the golden glow of wheat.

element mooncake

Geometric shapes and pastel colours reflect the exciting taste combinations of the mooncakes, while the 3 little rabbits watching the moon reflect the unity of friends, family and business associates coming together.

mooncake festivalmooncake festivalmooncake festival
the meaning of mooncake icons
  • full moons for rejuvenation
  • lanterns to light the way for dreams
  • lotus flowers for love
  • rabbits for fertility
  • and the mooncakes that bring us together