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01/05/2019 Wendy Dong

QLM wins Graduate Apprentice of the Year

QLM Label Makers was represented at the Lithographic Institute of Australia (LIA – Queensland) Apprenticeship Awards held in Brisbane on 22 May, 2019, by 2 of our apprentices: Graduate Apprentice: Ryan Robinson and 3rd Year Apprentice: Kate Russell.

I am proud to announce that we received the following awards:
Winner: Graduate Apprentice of the Year: Ryan Robinson
Winner: Employer Award: QLM Label Makers
Finalist: 3rd Year Apprentice: Kate Russell

We congratulate not only these fine young people for their dedication and hard work, but also thank the members of our team who spend time mentoring, encouraging and challenging them to be the best at their chosen field. We acknowledge the support of the LIA in fostering talent and encouraging the development of our industry through Apprenticeships and training. We also want to thank the sponsors of the awards including HEIDELBERG – for their financial support in keeping talent within the industry. Congratulations to all the finalists and apprentices – it is wonderful to see so many people bringing LABELS ALIVE.
Ryan was unfortunately unable to attend the awards as he is busy installing presses at one of QLM’s new plants opening in Asia.
Paul – Ryan also sent this message:
It is an honour to be named LIA Queensland Graduate Apprentice of the Year. Winning such an award is never the result of an individual and it is important that I give thanks to those that have supported me during my apprenticeship.
Firstly, thank you to the #LIA – Lithographic Institute of Australia for organizing the event and maintaining the relationships between each embodiment of print.
To the sponsors, Thank You – especially to #Heidelberg for sponsoring the award and providing the means to cultivate an amazing crop of talent for the next generation of print.
An enormous thank you to the incredible trainers that we have in the industry. To #Spectra for providing passionate and dedicated trainers such as Chris O’Connor and Duncan Marsden, whose very mission is to see that our potential is fostered and given the care and respect that we, as emerging influencers in the industry, deserve.
And finally, to my employer, colleagues, friends and mentors at #Qlmlabelmakers, without whose support, opportunities, challenges, feedback and fun, this award would not have been possible. Where I am today is the culmination of effort from a team of dedicated, hearty and experienced individuals who make up the QLM Family.
It is easy with awards to get ahead of yourself so I would prefer to offer some advice to future apprentices: “Listen to your peers. They’ve been down a similar path to the one you are currently on. They may be older, slower and less open to change than you are, but pay them the respect they’ve earned and always be open to listen and learn from them. Their criticism, caution and challenges are the hammer that is tempering your skill.
Take opportunities that come your way. Success is not measured by the amount of failures you face, but the ones you overcome. When you make a mistake, learn and grow from it. Try not to shy away from challenges for you will regret more the things you didn’t do than those you did.
And, one day when you have an Apprentice, a peer or a friend that looks to you for guidance, remember that you have an obligation to foster their potential. Give them more than you received, for this is how we pay it forward.”
Ryan Robinson
Image: L to R Morag Pugh (Director – QLM) . Andrew Conoplia (Production Manager – QLM), Kate Russell (Finalist – 3rd Year Apprentice) and Jesper Noiesen (Technical & Maintenance Manager – QLM)
Additional Photos supplied include: Ryan with partner – Sarah

QLM wins Graduate Apprentice of the YearQLM wins Graduate Apprentice of the Year