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21/09/2019 Wendy Dong


aqualove - love your body, mind and planet

Garrett and Ricky decided Australia needed healthier water and joined forces to produce a pH balanced Alkaline water that helps maintain your body’s ideal pH level. The result is a range of alkaline waters with antioxidant and multivitamin infusions to help fight free radicals and support your immune system.

Aqualove Water uses only the highest quality Australian spring water sourced from Natural Sandstone Aquifers in the New South Wales Central Coast Hinterland.

bottles and caps made to disappear

Aqualove Water uses BioSphere packaging, an industry leading technology that increases the biodegradation of their bottles. Regular PET plastic bottles would usually take hundreds of years to biodegrade but BioSphere bottles happen in just a fraction of the time – usually in under 3 years – much more environmentally friendly!

carbon footprint reduction

By producing their own bottles and caps at the same place they bottle the water Aqualove avoids needless transportation – for a much lower carbon footprint.


pH Balanced alkaline water you will love!
  • pH balanced Alkaline water sourced from sandstone aquifers
  • bottled where they make their own bottles and caps
  • aqualove bottles and caps are made to disappear
  • bioSphere packaging that is biodegradable
  • lovingly Aussie made & owned

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