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05/01/2022 Quoc Anh Bui


Preparation is often noted as a separate line on quotes for labels or printing. Preparation costs can be made up of a number of associated costs including: printing plates, dies or artwork/design. Usually preparation is incurred only once for new labels. Exact repeat printing does not usually require any modifications and will use previous printing plates and dies.

Plates: Press Printing is achieved by using printing plates made of a flexible material with the image impression formed on it. This is then coated with ink and laid on the face stock to create an image. When undertaking a job for the first time there is a requirement to purchase the plates. Where there are multiple styles, you can look to minimize the cost of preparation (or plates) by having ‘common plates’. This requires the information on that particular plate to be exactly as it is on other plates.

Dies: A die is the cutting tool that cuts out the shape of the label on the face stock. Die sizes vary depending on your requirements and QLM Label Makers have an extensive range of standard die sizes. If you are flexible with the size you may be able to use an existing die size otherwise a new die may be required to be purchased.

Artwork/Design: Our pre-press department has an in-house fully equipped graphic design studio. We provide artwork for a set rate per hour at very competitive rates. Artwork charges may apply for new designs or modifying existing artwork. Our knowledge of the printing process ensures that designs are able to meet the requirements of printing techniques or presses being considered, as well as ensuring the print looks its best on the substrate chosen. Ask your Sales Executive about current rates for artwork.