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DPR Label Rewinders

  • External auto-switching 100/240VAC 24V power supply
  • Saves time
  • Choice of Adjustable core holder and fixed core holder
  • Electronic circuit which controls the functions
  • Easy to Use

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Our range of label rewinders can handle labels up to 127mm, 174mm and 244mm wide and rewind rolls with a diameter up to 250mm and 300mm. Users can choose among 2 different types of core holders: the adjustable core holder from 40mm up to 118mm and the 3” fixed core holders. It is possible to add an optional support for heavy rolls (the support can be added as needed). On the 210mm label width the support is required whereas on the 160mm the support is suggested. If the unit is equipped with support, the core holder is adjustable from 46mm up to 118mm. Rewinders are equipped with an external auto-switching 100/240VAC – 2.5A at 24V power supply and an electronic circuit controls the functions



Roll Diameter1: 250 mm
2: 300 mm
Speed1: 120 rpm
2: 225 rpm
Label Width1: 127 mm
2: 174 pm
3: 244 pm
Core Holder1: 40-118 mm
2: 3’’ Fixed
SupportS0: without
S1: Roll Diameter 250 mm
S2: Roll Diameter 300 mm
S4: 3’’ Fixed Core Holder

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