prolabel studio

Pro Label Studio, a website for label and packaging designers by UPM Raflatac presents visual examples and valuable information about the numerous possibilities that self-adhesive label materials offer for building brands and enhancing the shelf-presence of consumer products.

Designers can learn about the challenges and requirements that different packaging materials, special effects and printing techniques place on label design and the choice of label material.

Pro Label Studio helps designers select the right label materials for end-uses including wine, beverage and personal care labelling, and renders textured previews of selected designs and materials on various kinds of product packaging. By rotating the previews, users get a feel for how the selected combinations work in real life.

For designers who want to create something new and exciting, Pro Label Studio presents Innovations: new materials that offer fresh combinations of colour and texture for innovative label solutions.

Pro Label Studio also provides access to more detailed technical product information and an opportunity to order free samples of UPM Raflatac labelstock products in Europe.

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