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vetnex - labels your pets can sink their teeth into!

May 26, 2020

Vetnex is an Australian brand of natural animal care products that recently re-designed their pet dental products with Australian Made pharma-grade packaging...

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does your delivery WOW?

April 29, 2020

With so many items now being delivered, have you considered what the customer experiences when they receive and open your product?...

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FREE LABEL PACK - for business or home

March 30, 2020

With business change and self-isolation or work from home the new norm, we have arranged some labels and door hangers to use...

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eco-options - as easy as...1,2,3

February 26, 2020

Brands and consumers are changing with a global focus on reducing unnecessary packaging & waste. QLM want you to be aware of your options and have the ability to make a change.

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On Trend 2020

January 21, 2020

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Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

January 01, 2020

classic blue is Pantone colour of the year 2020

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healthy sprout - a unique label idea sprouts up

November 18, 2019

Healthy Sprout Company (HSC) is an Australian owned & operated company committed to enhancing health, vitality and wellbeing. For their latest product: BROCCOLI SPROUTS, owner Adam Murphy was looking for a fun and innovative way to launch the product to market. Utilising HP Indigo Smartstream Software...

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WOW new year tips to slay this season

October 30, 2019

WOW new year tips to slay this season...

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WOW new year tips to slay this season

October 29, 2019

WOW new year tips to slay this season...

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WOW christmas tips to slay this season

October 16, 2019

WOW christmas tips to slay this season...

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drink flavour &'s all about the base

September 22, 2019

TESCO recently launched an exciting new range of Fruit Drink Bases in 5 delicious flavours: kiwi, red fruit, tropical, orange and mango....

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aqualove - love your body, mind and planet

September 21, 2019

Garrett and Ricky decided Australia needed healthier water and joined forces to produce a pH balanced Alkaline water that helps maintain your body’s ideal pH level...

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stay straps - designs to blow you away

September 01, 2019

Scott Mayers has spent many years working in the shoe and garment sector. An active person with a young family and love of adventure, Scott has a number of product lines for his businesses: FACT Activewear and more recently: STAY STRAPS.

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Yahava KoffeeWorks: best brews and that's the t!

June 01, 2019

Famous for coffee blends,Yahava has a new range of teas really creating a stir...

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HP Collage: create one of a kind labels!

May 01, 2019

create a family of images automatically...

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metallic effects: add shimmer and shine to your design

April 01, 2019

metallic inks, foiling and metallic label stocks

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art misfits wine: labels that are a work of art

March 01, 2019

Wine and art have been connected throughout history. Label design often blurs the lines between what is art and product….

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Pukara Estate: HP mosaic takes design to infinity

February 01, 2019

When Pukara Estate looked to produce an artisanal label design for their Connoisseur Club Members, they wanted something that but was truly unique...

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2019: Living Coral

January 16, 2019

Living Coral is warm and welcoming, a life-affirming shade that invites us to reach out and touch. Vibrant yet mellow, it embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide...

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labels to life 2018: November

November 15, 2018

SIMRANS are synonymous with the supply of quality baked goods across Asia Pacific. They focus on a truly home baked style using pure, nutritious and fresh ingredients...

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labels to life 2018: October

October 02, 2018

Brace your elves, christmas is coming!
Engage customers with awesome design and fun content...

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labels to life 2018: July

July 01, 2018

If you dare to learn, you can become an honorary Distiller for a day. The Margaret River Distilling Co. is home to Giniversity, a unique working distillery that boasts a rejuvenated...

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labels to life 2018: May

May 01, 2018

AR is Augmented Reality, technology whereby a real environment is supplemented or augmented with computer generated images (that are usually motion tracked).

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labels to life 2018: April

April 01, 2018

Byron Bay in NSW, Australia attracts a range of creative, spiritual and health conscious people and now the products of this area are becoming available for everyone

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labels to life 2018: February

February 15, 2018

QCamel are Australia’s premium supplier of organic Camel Milk products, owned and run by the Brisbane family and their dedicated team on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

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labels to life 2018: January

January 11, 2018

what's hot: Ultra Violet
what's cool: label trends

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labels to life 2017: November

November 01, 2017

Capsule pack: saving the planet
one coffee pod at a time!

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labels to life 2017: October

October 01, 2017

what's hot: clear PP: beautifully tacky
what's cool: to PE or not to PE!

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labels to life 2017: September

September 01, 2017

good cleaning fun and a little bit cheeky!

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labels to life 2017: August

August 01, 2017

HOT – everyone OLD are NEW again!
COOL – OMG its OHMs!

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labels to life 2017: July

July 01, 2017

Le Fruit (by Les Vergers Du Mekong) rebranded their company with agency Rice Creative with the objective of creating a corporate identity that showcased the brand’s core difference; their dedication to farm fresh, preservative-free, locally made products.

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labels to life 2017: April

April 01, 2017

Check out Organic life, who are spreading their love of wholesome food by sourcing, supporting and promoting organic products across Australia. Also in this issue, read about the TT Sensor Plus Label by Avery Dennison and repurposed packaging!

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labels to life 2017: March

March 01, 2017

Flavour Creations is an Australian owned and operated specialist food & drink manufacturer, researching and developing innovative nutritional products that support a healthy lifestyle and improve the lives of people living with dysphagia

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labels to life 2017: January

January 01, 2017

Who doesn’t love success – check out how one company is taking the world by storm by being truly local. In this issue check out what MurraWolka Creations are up to, read about the year of the Rooster, and personalised calendars

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labels to life 2016: Aug-Sep

August 29, 2016

Meet Lucas Vu who recently opened Luke’s Café in a popular tourist area and wanted some product labels in order to sell the coffee ...

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labels to life 2016: June-July

June 16, 2016

in this issue: check out our first Country of Origin Labels (CoOL) produced for Inglenook Dairy PLUS Wood-Grain Labels and Thermal Direct Clear Labels...

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labels to life 2016: Mar-Apr

March 21, 2016

In Italian, Novello means ‘new’ or ‘young’ & when used to describe olive oil, it means the very first pressed oil taken from the year’s harvest. These oils are highly sought after for their unique aroma and delicious taste. Traditionally they are bottled straight from the press and shared in local villages with friends and family.

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labels to life 2016: Dec-Feb

December 01, 2015

super food & packaging!
Alex Komarov and Olga Plotnikova became hooked on a healthy lifestyle and vibrant food culture while living in the US. After moving to Australia in 2012 they yearned to continue their journey for fresh, raw and delicious food but weren’t able to find the variety they were used to – and so Extraordinary Foods was founded.

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labels to life 2015: Sep-Nov

September 01, 2015

a devilishly cute idea!
Tim and Julie Barbour from The Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company (TGSC) produce a premium range of jams and condiments packaged into stylish gift packs and crates. While their look is undeniably attractive, they wanted something unique and a little daring to spice up their range!

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labels to life 2015:Jun-Aug

June 01, 2015

From start to finish…
Zen Automotive Suppliers are importers and wholesalers of premium car detailing products and resellers of locally sourced car care supplies of the highest standard.

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labels to life 2015: Mar-May

March 01, 2015

If you haven’t heard about Cold Pressed juices you aren’t keeping up with the Kardashians. Recently popularised by Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow as part of their juice cleansing regimes, the mainstream are now embracing this wholefood technique of tasty, fresh and nutrient filled juices.

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labels to life 2015: Jan-Feb

January 01, 2015

In the year of the goat, the so-called 'kids' are now standing firmly on centre-stage. The millennial generation are between 15 and 35, account for 1/3 of the population, are tech savvy & socially engaged, are well informed, want to try something different and are generally less brand loyal than older consumers. It is all about connecting with products and brands and the story behind them.

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labels to life 2014: Nov-Dec

November 01, 2014

Located in the heart of Queensland’s premier wine region: the Granite Belt, Granite Ridge Wines have been producing award winning wines since 1995. Visitors to the vineyard experience aspects of wine-making and sample the many varieties produced.

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labels to life 2014: Sept-Oct

September 01, 2014

While searching for health solutions, Sue McKinnon discovered a scientist in Vietnam researching the properties of Crinum latifolum (known locally as “The Royal Women’s Herb”). The result is Crila®, vegetable capsules derived from this special lily, grown and picked by hand on private plantations that are used as a herbal supplement to support prostate, menopause and uterine health

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