Capsule pack: saving the planet - one coffee pod at a time!

Coffee Pods are fast, efficient and deliver the café quality taste we have grown to love - but not without a cost! 60 million pods are thrown away daily and plastic pods take hundreds of years to break down. Aluminium pods are energy intensive to recycle. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a fully biodegradable option?

Capsule Pack is Australia’s first and only packer to produce a revolutionary, biodegradable & compostable coffee pod. Mark & Alana Beattie service the coffee industry's need for locally packed capsules including coffee and other beverages at their state of the art factory in Arundel on the Gold Coast. They make capsules for coffee companies and retailers so you can get your favourite locally roasted coffee in capsule form. Capsule Pack work with their sister company Coffee Roasters Australia so you can enjoy the convenience of single serve, locally produced coffee while being environmentally conscious.

biodegradable & compostable coffee BioCaps from Capsule Pack:

  • made from a patented plant based composite that is biodegradable & compostable according to EN13432 standard;
  • 100% biosourced, food contact approved and fully biodegradable coffee capsules;
  • capsules break down in less than 180 days in regular compost;
  • Nespresso and Lavazza Blue machine compatible;
  • selection of capsule colours available for special orders;
  • only Co. offering a variety of capsule types and finished packaging solutions;
  • 100% local packing facility, state of the art equipment in a climate controlled environment;

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