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Bong Mai Foods Co. Ltd, founded in 1968, continues to grow as a result of customer demand for its delicious and authentic products. They produce over 25 items such as: hot sauce, dark soy sauce, preserved bean curd and vinegar, all certified with HACCP, International Quality Standard: ISO 22000: 2005 and awarded the Vietnamese High Quality Goods certification.

Bong Mai Foods invest heavily in their manufacturing and process technology. Food security and health are very important to them and their customers and they have attained the Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety from the Ministry of Health. Their products are famous for the tangy smells and spicy flavours of their authentic recipes.

Over 5 years ago, Bong Mai Foods began working with Hoang Ha Label Co who helped them to improve the design and shelf appeal of their products as they entered the large supermarket space. Mrs. Lê Thị Xuân – Director said “Red and yellow are our trademark colors. Changing our label material to PP Silver meant we were able to increase the perception of our brand quality and identity as compared to others.” The results have been fantastic with sales continuing to grow. Hoang Ha Label Co is proud to be the strategic label supplier for Bong Mai Foods and work closely with them on projects for upcoming products.

Bong Mai Foods products can be found at many supermarkets including Co-Op Mart, Big C, Aeon, Family Mart and MaxiMark. They also export to many overseas countries including: USA, France, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Enjoy their products and find out more at:

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