brewing SUCCESS

Meet Lucas Vu who recently opened Luke’s Café in a popular tourist area and wanted some product labels in order to sell the coffee he was so passionately brewing in his shop.

Liaising with the marketing department of QLM, Lucas was able to combine his passion of coffee with a sophisticated design that still included a number of key elements that were important to him:

1. Highlight the Origin of each blend
2. Easily identifiable Variations for the different coffee blends
3. A little bit of fun in the design.

The result is a stunning collection of designs that reflect a mix of modern and traditional elements. The 3 blends include traditional ROBUSTA for filtered coffee, SPECIALTY BLEND for making the perfect Café Sua Da (a Vietnamese delight), and ARABICA for a delicious Espresso experience.

Coffee is so important as it brings together people of many ages. If you get the chance to visit him, be sure to share YOUR story.

Luke' Cafe:


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